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Module Houses?

The modular construction industry is more than just a construction technology. It’s a way of life, an innovative outlook on the future. Modular buildings are characterized by their fast-paced construction, functionality and attractive price. High quality combined with a high-class, environmentally-friendly and modular functional and spatial layout guarantee endless creative possibilities.

The module itself is a „unit” comprising a floor, a ceiling and walls, including windows and doors. Such modules are skillfully connected to form a multi-module building.


The modular technology can be used to construct nearly every type of building, from single-family structures to multi-story hotels or office buildings, residential buildings and public buildings (schools, hospitals).



Modules are created in a fully-controlled production hall environment, after which they are transported and assembled at the construction site. The entire process of producing a modular building reduces the investment completion time even by 80%, which provides significant savings.

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